Director of Finance


The Chaleur Regional Services Commission
702 Principale Street, Suite 2
Petit-Rocher, NB E8J 1v1 

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Employment Type
Permanent, Full Time

Date Posted
May 16, 2024

Regional services

Submission Deadline
June 16, 2024

Petit-Rocher, NB



What is the CRSC?

Like the other Regional Services Commissions in New Brunswick, the Chaleur Regional Service Commission (CRSC) is a legislated organization that provides services to communities within a defined geographic area.

The CSRC covers the territory of the municipalities of Bathurst, Belle-Baie, represented by all the regions of Beresford, Nigadoo, Petit-Rocher, Petit-Rocher-North and South, Pointe-Verte, Madran, Tremblay, Dunlop, Robertville and Laplante and the municipality of Belledune. The unincorporated areas of the local districts of Allardville, part of the local districts of Bathurst, Beresford and Big River, the local district of New Bandon-Salmon Beach and part of the local district of North Tetagouche are also part of its jurisdiction under the new entity of Chaleur Rural District.

These services are mandated by law and are responsible for urban planning, solid waste, economic development, regional recreational infrastructure cost sharing, tourism promotion, community development, and regional transportation. Its mandate also extends to the management of a public safety committee tasked with regional emergency planning as well as maintaining regional collaboration in police and fire departments.

The CSRC is a forum where issues of common interest between member communities are reviewed and discussed, and where regional priorities are established.

Our mandate

The recent local governance reform has resulted in a significant expansion of the mandates of the Regional Service Commissions to include:

  • economic development
  • community development
  • regional tourism promotion
  • regional transportation
  • cost sharing of regional recreational infrastructure

This restructuring will introduce changes that will increase the ability of Regional Service Boards to build on their strengths and exploit opportunities to achieve economies of scale, provide more services at lower cost and access specialized expertise that would otherwise not be affordable or accessible to many communities.

Job Description

The Chaleur Regional Service Commission is seeking a Director of Finance who is committed to supporting governance and leadership in a transition to a new and expanded mandate resulting from local governance reform.

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, this position will be responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and evaluating all activities related to the management of the financial and accounting resources of the CRSC.

This person will be responsible for the financial management and maintenance of all accounting records and books of account of the CRSC in accordance with the Regional Services Delivery Act and in compliance with the accounting standards established by the Public Sector Accounting Board.

The incumbent will also be responsible for enhancing the financial capacity of the CRSC, implementing fair and efficient service assessment regimes, adopting equitable community funding arrangements and creating cost-sharing opportunities for services and infrastructure.

This role includes other related duties and responsibilities including:

  • Manage staff under your responsibility.
  • Prepare financial statements, budget forecasts and financial reports.
  • Prepares financial reports for the auditor to conduct the annual audit.
  • Participate in the preparation of grant, loan and financing applications.
  • Conduct analysis, audits and accountability reports.
  • Develop, implement, review and ensure compliance with financial management policies.
  • Administer human resources policies, including the group insurance and pension plan portfolio.
  • Evaluate the technological needs of the finance department and make recommendations on the software or applications to be adopted.
  • Participate in committees or management meetings as required.
  • Act as an advisor to the General Manager and the Board of Directors.


Education and work experience requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration.
  • At least six (5) years of experience in accounting, finance or related management.
  • Minimum of two (2) years of supervisory experience.
  • Must hold a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.
  • Any other combination of education and experience may be considered.

Skills and abilities required

  • Be a leader and possess strategic influencing skills.
  • Strong analytical and planning skills.
  • Have a good ability to communicate clearly and accurately, both in interactions with management and with the Board of Directors.
  • Good skills with information technology and recognized business software, such as Microsoft 365 and accounting software.
  • Possess excellent command of accounting, budgetary control, and financial impact analysis techniques.
  • Good oral and written communication in both official languages.

Terms and conditions of employment

  • Monday to Friday
  • Full time position
  • Salary scale: 120,000$ - 142,428 $
  • Workplace: In Petit-Rocher
  • Possibility of intermittent telecommuting
  • Eligibility for a full range of benefits

To apply

Please forward your resume to [email protected].